Mica bere vice / Mica Reads Jokes, 2023

The sound recording of my grandmother reciting jokes from her pocket-sized joke book is part of a broader initiative of mine to document the lives of my grandparents. Having spent the majority of my early childhood with them, they have had a profound influence on shaping my life. Recorded in one take, this sound recording serves as a comedic album showcasing my grandmother's collection of jokes. Mica, my grandmother, collected jokes from her friends, newspapers, and various sources between the years 2000 and 2010. She reads handwritten, carefully selected jokes from her small book, which she keeps in her wallet, always ready for a moment of laughter. The sound recording is etched onto a vinyl record, accompanied by an index that corresponds to the sequence of jokes in the actual book. In addition to the vinyl record (audiobook), a reproduction of the actual joke book is included, playing the role of a "lyrics booklet." 

Narrator: Marija Kobale
Sound recording: Bine Repše
Mastering: Jan Bajc Funa
Design: Lucija Rosc, Domen Ermenc
Edition: 30
Recorded in Gornji Grad and self-published in Ljubljana, 2023
Vinyl production: XV.Obzorje, Idrija