Spajkanje / Melding, 2020

SPAJKANJE / MELDING @GT22 (Studio 12:22 + Gallery 0,02m³), Maribor, Slovenia

Lucija Rosc engages in her creative work with the experimental representation of objects from her time, particularly those that were part of her everyday life in the past. She is interested in the relationship between different materials and found objects from her domestic environment, from which she creates unpredictable and comically non-functional sculptures. Her childhood inspires her not only with objects but also with a deliberately playful and light-hearted approach to creation, resulting in chaotic colors and shapes. With a nostalgic approach, she brings her past into the present and creates archives of collected items. The final products are not always sculptures, but primarily photographs of them, thereby emphasizing the documentation practice of archiving. She also explores the aesthetics of advertising photography, where the presented non-functional objects strip away their main purpose - the saleability of the product.

In attempting to read and recognize the objects, her works raise questions about the ontological relationship between humans and objects, as well as the significance we attribute to unknown objects. The relationship between forgotten and found objects relates to memory (collective and individual), which is one of the main themes of the series. The unusual combinations of materials parallel the way our brains process memories. We can imagine that different memories are stored and mixed in the same boxes, where we also find fictional or distorted information. In this series, the artist does not create sculptures from the objects themselves, but from a collection of her past artistic works that progress from the role of documented archive to archived object.

Teja Miholič