Superpozicije / Superpositions, 2020–2022


The rule of superposition in geology determines the age of fossils by placing younger sedimentary layers on top of older ones. Lucija Rosc applies this concept to her work, creating a family album that combines photographs of random objects with artistic interventions. Her solo exhibition at Škuc Gallery showcased photographic works, installations, videos, and an interactive video game, establishing a connection between her memories, childhood impressions, and her current aesthetic. In “Superpositions” Rosc reveals the intimate side of her art by juxtaposing her vivid compositions with family photos from her early childhood. Influenced by her grandparents' habit of collecting seemingly useless everyday objects, she incorporates materials reminiscent of her childhood into her compositions. Marbles, brushes, toys, and ropes become autonomous subjects in well-lit constructions, reminiscent of advertising photography.

The exhibition "Superpositions" explored the concepts of memory and the creation of fictional narratives. The video game “Udén” incorporates Rosc's childhood setting, interweaving photographs and objects as virtual coordinate points. The virtual world reflects the artist's subconscious, presenting new works as old memories and interrupting the serene space of the family field. Rosc's digital photographs, combined with analogue family photos, form a unique family album. Family memory is constructed collectively through the ritual of viewing photographs together, idealizing family bonds. By transforming childhood memories into visual images, Rosc stages naive and fleeting impressions. She questions the reliability of memory and the idealization of childhood while emphasizing that the present is always connected to the past. Rosc's work process and the spatial setting allude to child's play, combining everyday materials and prefabricated objects without excessive rationalization. Through the juxtaposition of photographs and actual objects, Rosc highlights the unreliability of memory and the staging of reality. She draws attention to the fact that the present is inseparable from the past.

Hana Čeferin

Udén: A word in the Upper Savinja dialect meaning "some time ago" or "that day."